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This article is a continuation to our previous article where we have seen how to clone a database using RMAN Active Database. Now here we will see the steps to convert single instance database to RAC database.



• Follow below steps to convert the Single Instance database to RAC database

– Shutdown the Database


– Rename init.ora and spfile.ora

$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
$ mv initORCLDB.ora initORCLDB.ora_orig
$ mv spfileORCLDB.ora spfileORCLDB.ora_orig


– Create new init.ora as below

Change local_listener IPs, DiskGroup Names according to your environment


– Start the DB using new init.ora file


– Create spfile from pfile and shutdown the database


– Rename init.ora file and create new init.ora again as shown below

$ mv initORCLDB1.ora initORCLDB1.ora_orig2

Now create new init.ora file with only spfile entry


– Start the database using SPFILE created


– Add database and instances in cluster

Once database is started using spfile, you can now add database and its instances in cluster.


– Add redo log groups for thread 2 and enable it


– Shutdown the database


– Copy init.ora on second node and create Audit dump directory


– Start DB using srvctl and change config as shown below

That’s it, we have completed the steps of single instance to rac database conversion.


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