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Recently encountered a issue where we had to rename a diskgroup for 11gR2 RAC containing OCR and Voting Disk. Luckily we had not created any database yet, only installed Oracle Database binaries. In this blog, we will see the steps to Rename DiskGroup containing OCR and Voting Disks.

Below are the diskgroup details on which we will perform renaming operation.
Old Diskgroup name – RECO
New Diskgroup name – OCR_VOTE



– Replace Voting Disk

Since the current Diskgroup (+RECO) was storing OCR/Voting disk, it was not possible to dismount the diskgroup. Hence we created a new diskgroup named “+OCR_VOTE” with high redundancy.


In 11gR2 you can run this command while the cluster is up and running. [Run as root user]


Now again check the status of Voting disks



– Relocate OCR

Check the current OCR location


If you try to replace the OCR and if it is the only OCR file then it will give error as shown below.


So we need to add new OCR disk in our new diskgroup and then delete the old OCR disk.


Now remove the old OCR disk



– Drop the DiskGroup RECO

We cannot drop the RECO diskgroup directly since ASM instance is running via the spfile stored on this diskgroup. You can check as shown below.


We need to create SPFILE on new diskgroup in order to drop the diskgroup


Since the cluster is still up and running and ASM spfile is using the old (RECO) diskgroup path, we have to restart the cluster.
Run following commands on both the nodes to stop the cluster.


Check “ocrconfig_loc” value in ocr.loc file whether its pointing to new diskgroup or not. If its not updated then change it manually.


Now start the cluster on both the nodes one by one.

Once the cluster is up and running, verify the ASM spfile location


Now that the ASM spfile is pointing to new diskgroup and OCR and Voting disks have been also relocated to new diskgroup, we can drop the RECO diskgroup.


Thats’s it, we have completed renaming OCR and Voting disks to new diskgroup.


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2 Comments so far:

  1. Manish says:

    The spfile is still showing pointing to RECO after the cluster restart.
    Please confirm.

    • TJ says:

      Hi Manish,

      After you stop the cluster, check the “/etc/oracle/ocr.loc” file whether the file is pointing to new disk group or not. If not then you need to change the new disk group name manually.
      Same has been mentioned already in the blog. Sometimes it happens that the name doesn’t get changed.


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