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In this article, we will see the steps to manually install Oracle Multimedia component in 12c database. You can also install the component using DBCA GUI mode.



Perform below steps to install Oracle Multimedia component

• Pre-requisites for Oracle Multimedia

Verify whether the below components are installed or not. If not then you need to install the below components first.


• Installation Steps for Oracle Multimedia

Use the Perl script to run the Oracle Multimedia installation scripts. The script is in the directory $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin.

1. If you are using a tablespace other than SYSAUX, replace the SYSAUX parameters with the tablespaces you have chosen. The first parameter is the tablespace for Oracle Multimedia; the second parameter is the tablespace for Oracle Spatial and Graph.

2. Run the catim.sql script to install the Oracle Multimedia types and packages.


• Verify installed version of Oracle Multimedia

– Login as SYSDBA user and execute below procedure

– Verify that the registry entry for Oracle Multimedia is correct

That’s it, the installation of Oracle Multimedia component is complete.



Below part is extra information that I would like to share. When executing the script, I faced below error.

If you face above error after running the script then you can set the PATH variable as below as a workaround and again re-execute the command. You need to add the perl executables in the PATH variable as shown below.

$ export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin:$PATH

Now again re-execute the script.


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  1. Laura Sallwasser says:

    Thank you for the clear steps. Oracle’s first step, “Use Oracle Universal Installer to install the files that comprise Oracle Multimedia on your system.” , is as vague as it gets. Good to have confirmation that the install is the two perl script calls. Thanks too for the update to PATH – very helpful.

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