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This article is a continuation to our previous article i.e. 12c RAC to RAC Dataguard configuration. In this post, we will see the 12c Dataguard Broker configuration steps.

To configure a dataguard broker, we need to use the dgmgrl command which is a command line interface.



Perform the below steps to configure Dataguard Broker

• Change the location of config files

Since our Primary and Standby databases are RAC, we will change the default location of DG Broker files to a centralized location so that all nodes can access them. In our case, we will be using the ACFS mount point.

Login as oracle user on Primary and execute below commands.

Similarly, change the settings on Standby database server.


• Change the dg_broker_start parameter value

Now change the parameter “dg_broker_start” to TRUE on both Primary and Standby databases as shown below.


• Register databases using dgmgrl

On the primary server, login to command line interface using dgmgrl and register the primary database in the broker configuration.

Now add the standby database in broker configuration.


• Enable and Check the broker configuration

We need to enable the broker configuration and check if the configuration is enabled successfully or not.


Once the broker configuration is enabled, the MRP process should get start on the Standby database server. You can check using below command.

The output of above command shows that the MRP process is started on instance1 (orcldbs1) server. You can login to standby Node1 server and check whether MRP is running or not as shown below.

Now that the MRP process is running, login to both Primary and Standby database and check whether the logs are in sync or not.


• Dataguard Broker commands

Below are some extra commands which you can use and check status of database.


Thats’s it, the DG Broker configuration is completed.


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