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In this article, we will see the steps to migrate database from 32 bit to 64 bit OS using RMAN. Operating System (OS) will be same for both source and target servers, except that the source server is 32-bit whereas the target server is a 64-bit architecture.

Below is information of Source and Target DBs,
Source DB – emrep
Target DB – rcatdb



In order to migrate oracle database from 32 bit to 64 bit, follow below RMAN steps.

• Install 64 bit binaries

On the new 64-bit server, make sure that 64-bit Oracle binary is installed and configured before proceeding with the next steps.


• Create pfile for Target DB

Create pfile on new server for the target database. This can simply be copied from 32 bit server. Make sure it is updated with correct database name and also file locations if it is different than the source server.


• Backup source database

Take full backup of source database via RMAN by running the following command.

Once the RMAN backup is completed, copy the backup files to target server.



• Restore database on target server (64 bit)

– Start target database in nomount mode

Using the pfile created for target database, start the database in NOMOUNT mode.


– Connect to RMAN and set the dbid.

Before starting the restore, we need to set DBID. Check the DBID from source database and set the same in new database.


– Restore the controlfile and database

Now that DBID is set, restore controlfile from RMAN backup and put the DB in MOUNT mode.


Now login into SQL*Plus session and rename the log files location to reflect the new path as shown below.


Start restoration of database.


Once the restoration is completed then you can recover database to the point you want or if all the backups are available, then you can recover the database to the latest archivelog.


– OPEN the database

Once the recovery is done, perform the following tasks in order to start the database on 64 bit platform


Now you need to open the database using “resetlogs migrate” option and run the “utlirp.sql” script as shown below.

The database is now ready to be used for normal operations.

NOTE: If the database that is migrated has a standby database as well, then the standby database should be recreated since the primary database was started in resetlogs mode.


This completes our migration of database using RMAN backup from 32-bit OS to 64-bit OS.


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