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In this article, we will see the steps to resolve UNNAMED datafile issue on Standby Database.

Primarily there are 2 reasons for UNNAMED file getting created on Standby database.
1. Insufficient available space on filesystem/disk group for the datafile to be created on standby database.

2. If “standby_file_management” parameter is set to “MANUAL”, and you add a datafile in Primary DB then while applying archives on Standby, MRP will create UNNAMED datafile due to the parameter setting and MRP will get terminated.



Follow below steps to resolve UNNAMED datafile issue:

• Check for the missing files on Standby

Execute below queries to find the details of file.


• Check the file details on Primary

Find details of file on Primary database.


• Change the value of parameter “STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT” to “MANUAL”

If the value of parameter is not already set to “MANUAL” then change it as shown below on standby database,


• Manually create missing datafile

Now create the missing datafile manually as shown below,


If the file names are being managed by OMF, then you won’t be allowed to create datafile since the format is maintained by ASM. To create datafile if using OMF, execute the below command.


• Change the value of parameter “STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT” to “AUTO”

Now again change the value of parameter “STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT” to “AUTO” on standby database.


• Start recovery on standby database

Now start managed recovery on standby database.

Once the files are created, MRP will start applying archives on standby database.


That’s it, resolution steps for UNNAMED datafile issue are completed.


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